Farillio changed the way small businesses do law

So how did it all begin? How did we get to where we are today? Let's have a look back in time...



New Year 2017

A little spark ignited and the dream of Farillio took place.

That dream was to make law speedy and easy for small businesses.

And the first step was to start building a community of people committed to sharing, helping and joining up the dots between business owners’ ambitions and the law.

February 2017

Farillio was incorporated

…and beginning to learn what it meant to be out there alone (but with big startup ambitions!)…

March 2017

Finding a name

March found us busy finding a name.

And wow – who knew it could be soooo stressful!

Thank goodness for Emma Reeve at Stobbs.

Teaming up with the experts

Cue the moment where Wilkes’ Gareth O’Hara, Stobbs IP’s Julius Stobbs and 3DR’s Dan Berke and their brilliant firms and teams blew us away by being so visionary and supportive and blazing a trail for other superb firms and experts who follow on as additional Farillio partners today...


Finding the original magic-makers took a fair bit of time – totally worth it!

#Yoda, #Shorkward and #ThatTallNerdyNortherner (AKA the awesome Dan Jacobs, Claire Mitchell and James Croft) become ‘the build team’.

June 2017

Creating our brand and values

By June 2017, we had an identity, a huge sense of community, and 4 very strong values!

EMPOWERMENT ...of everyone in our community

UPFRONT & PERSONAL ...no fuss, all about the UX, 'peopletech'

TOGETHERNESS ...all about collaboration

TOMORROW FOCUSED ...always building for the future

Home… we’d arrived

TechHub on Bonhill Street was the perfect community. Ravi, Jenny, Nico, Flemming, Peter, Giga, Stefano – thank you so much for making us feel so welcome!

June 2017

We launched our first website

July 2017 brought one of those milestone moments that you forget to celebrate because you’re too panicked that it’ll crash and you’ll look like a muppet!

August 2017

While the rest of the world went on holiday...

In August, we adopted Team Inktrap and our clickable prototype was done by September…

September 2017

And we asked what people thought of that prototype

User-testing became a swear word… it was relentless.

But it paid off!

Some wonderful folks joined us as advisers

Massive thanks to the inspiring Sophia, Varda, Derek, Peter and Tarne! Your constant belief in us, then and now, is a huge deal.

And that Autumn, we went on our first fundraise… £400k ultimately raised in that round.


February 2018

Christmas 2017 came and went

February 2018 brought new team members and an enormous final push to be ready for an Easter launch.

Maral, Sabrina, you may not be with us any more, but you gave us the best start and we salute you!

Josh, aka #Boblina, stays and continues to work his genius alongside the team, while building his own brilliant Stockcubes tech brand. Check it out!

We remembered to celebrate being 1 year old!

Launch happened… And nothing went wrong!

It was amazing… though we forgot to celebrate that until July because so much good stuff happened immediately afterwards!

We moved – en masse with the whole of TechHub to new digs

Goodbye Old Street. Boots on the ground at Moorgate.

May 2018

And then Dalila joined us!

In May 2018, Dalila (aka #Bletchley) became part of the team as chief financial officer, and proceeded to create and maintain an awesome financial model for Farillio.

We did another fundraise

Huge thanks to Lord Stanley Fink and our other amazing investors for all the support.

The team expanded again!

Small-biz buddy Asha (#QueenOfCamaraderie), content pro Rupert (#SparkyParrot), and sales champ Alex (#SpecterV2) joined in with the Farillio fun!

And, soon after, the team expanded again!

With Jasmin (Captain Boomerang), our legal liason; Chris (The Dark Lord), our video genius; and Mark (The Craftsman), our tech whizz – joining to make Farillio even bigger and better!

We signed sales deals with some amazing brands

Including the amazing Stanley Davis, TechHub, WeWork, IPSE, Crafty Fox, Creative Entrepreneurs, Yena, Creative Industries Federation, UnderPinned, Agora, and 9Spokes!

And we did some cool stuff at events.

And we did some cool stuff at events


March 2019

Goodbye 101 Finsbury Pavement... hello Clere St!

In March 2019, we moved with TechHub to a lovely office in Clere St... just down the road from our old place.

The Farillio team

And now, we’re gearing up for the next Farillio adventure!

Now we’re creating more, filming tons, selling loads, bringing on new partners and content and, of course, designing our #NextGen Farillio!

Oh, and being a little bit rowdier, a little bit messier, a little bit more excitable – because this is a stellar team backed by an amazing community of incredible people, who Farillio wouldn’t be without.

Proudly supporting...

...fellow small business who are part of these amazing communities