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Now, we really don't like to blow our own trumpets... and, thanks to these folk, we really don't have to! Here's a bunch of the lovely things people have been saying about us in the press. Thanks to everyone for featuring us – we're super honoured! collaborates with Farillio

We’re excited to be working with, who are launching a new digital first law firm. We look forward to growing together and shaping mighty new solutions for small businesses.

QuickBooks' most adaptive businesses of 2020

It's a true honour to be recognised by QuickBooks for our work during the pandemic. The decision to get free information and support to those who needed it, when they needed it, was a decision led by our values and our mission to #LeaveNoSMEBehind.


The Startups 100 2020: the UK’s best and most exciting new businesses revealed

We were chuffed to be included in 2019’s top 100… and we’re even more chuffed to also be part of 2020’s top 100!


Top 10 ‘legal business technologists’

The announcement of FT's top 10 legal business technologists... one of which is Farillio's very own Merlie Calvert!

Financial Times

The Startups 100 2019: the UK’s best and most exciting new businesses revealed

Farillio are completely chuffed to be amongst the UK's top 100 startups


Tackling the fundraising paradoxes

Business expert and start-up founder Merlie Calvert, writes her thoughts on the fundraising paradoxes.

Found & Flourish

Four Lawtech Startups Transforming The Way The Legal Sector Operates

As a lawyer, serial entrepreneur and customer of legal services for many years, Merlie Calvert experienced the struggle of finding key-information and materials needed to thrive as a business and became obsessed with fixing it.


How to build a strong company culture with a remote team

You no longer need to commute to an office to be part of a business, here are seven ways to help remote teams work together effectively

The Telegraph

Legal Futures Annual Innovation Conference: 29 November 2018, London - Legal Futures

Highlighting Merlie as a speaker for the 8th Legal Futures Innovation Conference

Legal Futures

Legal tech startup Farillio nabs £650,000 in Angel funding

Celebrating Farillio's exciting investment back in September 2018


Disruption alert: New digital legal hub to launch | Legal IT Insider

Farillio being described as a disruptor back in Feb 2018, just before our offical launch!

Legal IT Insider

Addicted to tech trends? Dayton and Furlong on AI and other "magic"

3 steps to choosing your innovation faves – and Farillio defines #Biztech

Clear View Social

Legal Futures Innovation Conference 2018: The One with the Women

A reponse to what gap it is that Farillio plugs: "the people that feel they can’t go to, or can’t afford a lawyer, we act as the help and support they need"

The Time Blawg

Farillio: A legal tech startup making the law simple for small business owners

An interview with Merlie on Farillio's concept, biggest challenges, achievements, and business heroes

Business Advice

Interview with Merlie Calvert

Merlie chats about Farillio's client base, "streaming law", and shares a few tips for budding entrepreneurs


How New Legal Services Are Disrupting Micro Business Access To The Law

A Q&A with Merlie about the baffling side of business law, getting the most value out of legal services, and lists the key aspects of law small businesses need support with


What is a drag along covenant?

Explaining the significance of drag-along covenants to company founders and minority shareholders

Growth Business

Updating your business plan

Championing the idea of not neccesarily sticking to every plan your business plan. "If you’re ‘off-piste’, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re headed in the wrong direction"


Solutions for Startups with Farillio's Merlie Calvert

Merlie joins Alex Chisnall for a podcast chat around making law accessible all businesses, no matter how small

Screw it, Just do it

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