Why it’s critical to #LeaveNoSMEBehind in a Covid-19 world

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Monday 23 Mar 20

For the past weeks, like everyone else, as a team we’ve watched the unfolding global events until we find ourselves where we are now.

And with horror, fear and huge uncertainty, we’ve witnessed the damage Covid-19 has done – and continues to do – to the very community Farillio was set up to support and protect. Like many of you, we feel this deeply: the outrage, disbelief, and utter devastation.

We are being battered.

Farillio’s fiercely unapologetic mission to ensure no small business struggles or fails because they can’t get what they need has never felt more vital – or more like a battle-cry. And as a team, and a community, it is what we fall back on to find strength and renewed determination about our purpose.

Because we refuse to allow this virus to defeat our freelance and founder friends, our larger customers, our partners and our own platform.

The UK’s small business community is a brave one. It takes serious guts to start a business, and so much more courage and grit and passion to keep it going, though every mountainous up and down. We have courage, we have smart, talented people, we have each other. It is only together that we can power through this awful period. So, we must look after each other. Because almost every one of us has been affected by Covid-19.

According to the Institute for Family Business, the UK has 4.8 million family businesses. That’s 88% of all businesses in the UK. And these businesses are especially vulnerable, often feeling double or treble the financial impact of a business struggling to pay wages and debts, and never being able to escape the stress because they’re living it all together, permanently.

It’s hard for all of us to keep perspective, keep going and keep believing right now.

What helps us all to get through a time like this?

We passionately believe that our greatest chance to survive and go on to thrive is through people offering the best of themselves on all fronts, personally and professionally. The simple humanity of business being about people, about the connection we have to each other, is what can help us through and provide the support so many are seeking.

So, last week, we lit the touchpaper of a community-wide campaign with the aim to ensure that, collectively, we #LeaveNoSMEBehind. We took to Twitter to ask all our businesses friends, of every background and expertise, to come forward with a #3hrPledge and donate just 3 hours of their valuable time, skills and experience, for FREE, and with no strings attached, to a small business who needs help and could benefit from what these amazing people know and do every day.

And we saw people make magic happen.

We’ve received so many pledges from outstanding individuals and companies offering support for small businesses, covering everything from marketing, legal advice, coaching, general business advice, funding and finance, PR and comms, social media and digital marketing. Many went above and beyond what we asked, a number of them fulfilled a pledge and then offered it again. Because it’s a mission that speaks to their hearts too.

Pledgers include business professionals in global organisations as well as the founders and leaders of small businesses who understand, better than anyone, the road small businesses are on right now and can offer peer support as well as practical advice.

These wonderful people are lined up and waiting to help right now. And more are coming forward, since we will carry on pulling them into this campaign.

At the end of this is a roll call of all those who have pledged and remain available and a link to their Twitter handles. If you need help with any of the areas covered, pick your pledger, drop them a line directly or contact us at Farillio and we'll connect you.

These are connected, generous individuals. 3 hours of their time and access to their networks is gold dust.

And of course, you’d like to join in the #3hrPledge movement, drop us a line over at @farillio and in addition to receiving 3 months' access to Farillio for your generosity, we'll also thank you via the magic of the .gif! Good karma will find out and reward you too.

We’ll see you on social, and we’ll carry on bringing our community together and behind this movement and this mission.

More pledge banners and pledges have come in - and they keep coming. We'll share them with you too.

Let’s keep #BuildingBrave and ensure we #LeaveNoSMEBehind.

Heartfelt thanks to all our incredible pledgees so far.

Marketing, digital marketing, social media, branding, design













Legal, contract and general business advice







General business and commercial advice












Sales strategy, bids and pitching




Start-up advice, funding and finance

John Hall (DM Farillio)

Mark Rose (DM Farillio)


… and there are more… we’ll be back with the next roll call real soon.

Please note: The contents of this blog are not tailored business advice or legal advice. This is guidance and information, which we do our best to keep current, relevant and helpful. If you need business or legal advice, please use our Speak To An Adviser service, get in touch via our LiveChat and we'll connect you to some really great people, or you can check out our #3hrPledge banners on Twitter and see if there's anyone there who has the expertise you're looking for.

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