We asked Boffix's Aaron Patrick what kept him brave this past year...

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Tuesday 16 Mar 21

What's kept you brave this year?

It was the needs of our clients and the community that kept us going; late nights and early mornings were just a necessity during the pandemic as clients business were facing closure without the support being found and obtained.

Can you tell us the name of another small business you admire for their bravery and maybe let us know why?

    (Too many clients to pick from, but to keep it fair ill pick from outside my client base) – Freddie from ATE:

    Freddie founded Stag Coffee, situated in the heart of Ashford Town Centre. Previously serving regular customers their daily coffee fix, the Covid-19 situation highlighted food shortages for the vulnerable. Freddie pivoted his business and converted it into an online grocery store. The service escalated quickly to serving 40 homes in the local area daily, with the unexpected growth adding resources to the workforce and branching out into offering pre-prepared homemade meals.

    At Farillio, we are all about being more ‘frog’ and have recently released a blog to celebrate and explain our obsession with our amphibian friend:

    “Frogs evolve. Frogs climb out of that pesky goldfish bowl and they go explore the world. They don’t swim in circles. Their curiosity and tenacity and general cheekiness means that they get everywhere. Literally”

      We know you are a frog too…but we’d love to hear a business story from you, which showcases your bravery and frog like manner…so that it can hopefully inspire others within our community.

      We have always been a digital-first firm and had a reliance on cloud technology, but just like the rest of the nation, we had to face the realisation that working from home and how-to would affect our ability to help clients.

      We reviewed all our client's services and adapted what we needed to make sure we could support clients to the best of our ability.

      The move stunted our original plans for 2020, but we adapted and used the situation to create new ways to get content and support out to the community.

      We now feel like we have a 'Toadally' awesome product and support set, born out of a crisis.

      To quote from the brave video:

        "Can’t shut out those doubts telling you you’re not ready.

        You’re not strong enough.

        You’re not one of the few."

        As small businesses, self-doubt and fear are really normal and a part of the journey. And we truly take our hat off to all the businesses out there fighting everyday to build amazing products, spur on team members and build an amazing future. It would be great to hear from you any tips you may have for individuals struggling with self-doubt …especially at the moment?

        Britain has a fighting spirit; we have clients who have pivoted to new heights, creating new business during the crisis and others who have taken the time to build a better and stronger business model for the future.

        If you have doubts, look at the government support during these times, schemes created to kickstart your business literally.

        We have found so much support and inspiration from our community of small businesses and have often been blown away by their empathy, understanding, curiosity & can-do attitude.

        How valuable do you find community in keeping us all brave and aspirational?

        The community has been everything, just knowing that others are in the same position and listening to how they pivoted and found innovative ways to pivot, has made the whole situation seem more like a fight we can win other than a pointless endeavour!

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