April Farillio Personal Newsletter

April Farillio Personal Newsletter

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Tuesday 26 Apr 22


Welcome to our latest newsletter, bringing lots of new updates and information from Farillio, including:

  • New content: This month’s new content includes:

    • Guidance and a helpful refresher graphic on driving while you’re tired – which according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents affects up to 20% of road accidents each year, and a quarter of the most serious ones.
    • Towing caravans and trailers – we take a look at the very recent ‘need-to-know’ changes to the rules on how you tow (which seem to have caught a number of folks unawares)
    • There’s a lot more pensions guidance rolled out this month too. Next up we’ll be focusing on mortgages, savings and investments. Watch this space for news on when those suites launch; due later this Spring.
  • In the News: This month we’ve focused on:

    • The landmark reforms to divorce law that came into effect this month – introducing a no-fault divorce regime to better support separating couples and reduce conflict, cost and long drawn-out legal proceedings. Is it going to make getting a divorce easier? There was certainly a huge flurry of divorce petitions submitted in the week following the reforms. We take a look, and you can hear what our expert partners for divorce say about it …
    • Drinks you can print at home? No, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke! CNet takes an insightful look at whether one startup really can rid the world of bottles and cans and whether we’re likely to be ditching the coffee machine in favour of a radically inventive new piece of kitchen equipment…
    • Blackbullion’s latest report, in association with Censuswide, on student money wellbeing – one for our parent community to take a look at especially
    • Are you paying for subscriptions you’ve forgotten about – if so, it’s time to join the growing wave of consumers cancelling subscriptions to help offset the rising costs of living. Apply the masterful checklist below to identify areas where you can save costs and stop cash leaking out of your bank account
    • The rise of the Repair Café: Broken furniture, appliances, clothing, crockery, toys? Ever visited a repair café? As the recycle, repair, repurpose movement continues – inevitably boosted by the present cost of living crisis - we take a look at how you can tackle the ‘repair’ element of the mantra and save yourself some precious pounds and pennies…
  • Expert corner: Say Hello to our brilliant no-fault divorce experts Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates. Check out their excellent informative graphic comparing the traditional model of divorce to their no-fault model (kinder, faster, cheaper) – and their essential checklists for putting in order your financial and other affairs, as well as any childcare considerations, before you embark on the no fault process of uncoupling.

New Content: Responsible motoring: don’t fall asleep at the wheel – handling driver fatigue

New Content: rule changes for towing caravans and trailers

In the news:

Expert Corner: remember Samantha and Harry, from divorce experts, the Divorce Surgery?

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