Dear Farillio Expert: I’ve never been on social media, how do I get the hang of things? The Media Psychologist, Charlotte Armitage gives her tips.

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Friday 23 Jul 21

Dear Farillio member,

On 27th April 2021, you asked our fantastic expert Charlotte Armitage on the Go Far Fast Show:

“I've never been on social media (but my grown-up kids are) and I feel I need to join something to stay in touch and keep connected with them. They are on every channel there is it seems. Do you have any advice on how I can join in a manageable way and get the hang of things”

And Charlotte said:

Be mighty always, Farillio


“I can empathise with that. I think the world of social media can be really overwhelming. There are so many platforms and people are on all these different platforms. The most manageable way is to find one easy platform to use. For generations that didn't grow up with the technology, I think the problem is that they envisage social media as this very alien and complicated world. That can be a barrier to them actively engaging with it or even trying to use these platforms. What you will find with these platforms is that they are easier to use than you would think.

They're designed to be intuitive so that people know what they're doing, how to function, and how to move from one thing to the next. It will tell you step-by-step what you need to do. I would say go ahead, bite the bullet and choose one of them. It depends on what platform your children are on and what they're posting on because I can understand that you would want to be on there to connect to them. If they're on Facebook or Instagram both of those are relatively easy to set up a profile, you can follow your children and see what they are doing. I think that once you've joined one and got to grips with that you'll start to feel more confident about moving on to another one. Baby steps – just start small!”

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