Dear Farillio Expert: What's the best channel to launch my photography business? Katy Howell of Immediate Future explains how to choose the best channel to reach your customers.

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Tuesday 13 Apr 21

Dear Farillio member,

On 26th March 2021, you asked our brilliant expert Katy Howell on the Go Far Fast Show:

“What’s the best channel for me to launch my photography business?”

And Katy said:

Be mighty always, Farillio


“It depends on who you sell to. If you sell corporate photography it might be that Instagram is not the place for you. Or it may be where your business customers actually are. It's very tempting to say Instagram, but Instagram is where people put photographs – is it where they look for photographers? Is that the place you need to be? I would urge you to go back and look at where your customers are. This is the process I would follow; where are my customers? What are their triggers and motivations for booking a professional photographer? What are their motivations for buying professional photography? Maybe it's weddings, in which case Instagram might be the place for you because that's where people research their weddings. If it's corporate, it might be that you're looking at Facebook or LinkedIn. If it's video, it might go one step further with people wanting to create video content for their businesses. It really just depends on who you're selling to. Instead of thinking about which is the best channel to show off my work, what you need to do is think which is the best channel to will reach the people who are motivated to buy my work.”

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