February 2023 Farillio Personal Newsletter

February 2023 Farillio Personal Newsletter

Wednesday 15 Feb 23


Welcome to our first newsletter of 2023, covering all the latest from Farillio:

- New Features:

Farillio folders will be shareable – so whatever you’re creating and collaborating on, add your friends and family so they can contribute or simply ‘be in the know’ too.

This is an ideal feature for managing collective thinking and planning on key documents relating to wills, sharing drafts and even final versions, keeping side letters of wishes up to date and managing household projects.

See how easy it is to share a folder – coming imminently!

- Updated content:

2023 is due to usher in a number of legislative changes affecting individuals and households. As always, we’ll be updating our materials to help you stay on top of them and manage their impact on your business. In the meantime, our quick reference update blog will give you this year’s highlights to look out for.

- New content:

This month, you’ll find more new resources in your Farillio account, covering:

  • How to be a savvy shopper: as household budgets continue to feel an immense squeeze, we look at the helpful tips and advice shared by a number of authoritative sources, including those among our own expert community.

  • Buying and selling items privately: you’ll find our new template agreements for privately selling a motor vehicle and/or privately selling other items helpful in protecting your rights and your finances!

  • Loaning money to others (maybe as a student loan or help to get a business started): lending money to friends or family can be an area of real tension. Destress the situation as best you can by using our new simple and more advanced promissory loan notes and accompanying guide. They'll help you choose what’s best for your circumstances (including alternatives you could consider) and get the right paperwork in place, so that everyone’s clear on the terms, what’s affordable, and what’s expected.

  • More letters for residential landlords: by popular request, your account now automatically includes template letters giving deposit information to tenants, enclosing a Section 8 notice, asking a former landlord for a reference for a prospective tenant and/or responding to a new landlord in respect of a current/former tenant’s conduct while renting from you, confirming the status of an existing tenant to a bank/future employer of that tenant, and requiring an outgoing tenant to remove their belongings (and any rubbish left behind!) properly. An accompanying guide to that last template is also available – there are some key legal considerations to bear in mind: automatically dumping anything left behind in a bin is likely to land a landlord in hot water…

  • Essential tax calculators for individuals: it turns out that even though tax is often front of mind for us each January, a lot of us still don’t feel on top of what tax reliefs we can get, how tax truly affects our lifestyles and life plans and/or how we can calculate what this means, with confidence. This new playbook brings together all the essential tax calculators you and your loved ones should know about – making it much easier to get a sense of what really matters and how much you should be paying (or claiming back!).

  • Buying a pony: a number of you asked for it, so our guide to contracts and resources for owners and buyers of ponies and horses is now live in everyone’s Farillio accounts too!

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