How I use Farillio: Eddie Ephraim, Melodee

How I use Farillio: Eddie Ephraim, Melodee

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Friday 11 Mar 22

Unique video gifts sent from a performer today

Eddie is one of Farillio’s business customers and he's on a mission to bring everyone customised videos created by talented performers, to celebrate all kinds of life events.

Get to know Eddie and his musical video-sharing business, Melodee in our latest Community Spotlight feature, where Eddie talks about: the challenges of launching a music industry product, especially one that has users across many international borders; and his determination to ensure that Melodee is a ‘performer-first’ platform.

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Hello Eddie, please tell us about yourself and Melodee?

What key challenges have you faced in setting up and running your business, Eddie?

Can you describe the key needs you have as a business owner?

How has Farillio helped you on your journey, Eddie?

Eddie, who’s inspired you along the way? Who are your role models?

Thanks so much, Eddie. How can our community get in touch with you and help support your business?

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