November 2022 Farillio Personal Newsletter

November 2022 Farillio Personal Newsletter

Tuesday 29 Nov 22


Welcome to November's newsletter covering all the latest from Farillio

  • Updated content: we’ve updated our residential landlord zone to include one of our handy template selectors, making it even easier to find the everyday correspondence templates and other resources relevant to any of your letting activities.

  • New content: This month, you’ll find a LOT of new resources in your Farillio account, covering:

  1. Holiday lettings: from pre-bookings, to correspondence templates, expert tips on getting bookings in the low season, how to get the best reviews and a plethora of money-saving tips, this comprehensive new suite is a holiday let landlord’s best friend!

  2. Motoring: get sensible money-saving tips on driving and a checklist for maintaining your motor vehicles, refresh on driving safely in winter weather and how to make your tyres (safely) last for longer.

  3. Landlords and new tenants: we’ve added various reference request, and reference-giving, template letters AND a letter for handling a tenant’s abandoned belongings after they’ve moved out.

  • Expert corner: As she asks in her latest social media post: ‘What’s bread got to do with perimenopause and menopause?’, declares ‘EVERYTHING!’ and points out the minimum 2 pesticides contained in the bread that most of us are eating, we’re bringing Pamela Ann Windle back to the top of our list of experts for this latest edition.

  • In the news or worth a timely read: This month, we’ve listed our top picks for useful additional household resources. Your latest edition covers:

  1. Our take on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement: if you need a reminder or a reliable run down, here’s our brief round-up.

  2. Should you ask for a sabbatical? – we liked this CNBC feature on how to strategise a sabbatical. Taking time out after the past couple of years is proving ever appealing to many workers, but concerns about job security understandably linger.

  3. Child Trust Funds– Tens of thousands of teenagers in the UK who have not yet claimed their matured Child Trust Funds savings could have thousands of pounds waiting for them (on average £2,100), according to HMRC. Get claiming your entitlement!

  4. Cost of living and paying bills– Citizen’s Advice has updated their advice on these topics. Absolutely worth a read if like most of us, you’re feeling the pinch right now.

  5. Disputed wills: Experts say disputed wills are on the rise. Apparently, 3 in 4 of us will likely face a will, inheritance or probate dispute in our lifetimes. Siblings are most likely to be the folks doing the arguing, most commonly about a father’s will. Perhaps surprisingly, non-family members are reported to be responsible for 1 in 3 dispute. If you’re making a will using Farillio’s materials, or you’re the beneficiary of one, find out more on the link provided.

  6. How to save for your children: when it’s hard to save, but you need to find a way to protect your kids’ futures, Which? has some sage advice.

  7. Getting tax relief on charitable donations: when all tax seems to do is go up, here’s some helpful advice on the tax relief you can get, when you give money to charity… lots of them already need our support this winter!

Updates and Alerts: now it’s even easier to find your Landlord templates

New Content: Holiday let landlords – here’s your new suite!

New Content: Are you all set for motoring this winter?

New Content: Handling tenant references and their abandoned rubbish/belongings

Expert corner: You are what you eat – and bread is wreaking havoc for women and their hormones as well as all of our guts!

That's all folks!

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While we can connect you with some very fine advisers in the UK, and we collaborate with them to provide you with great materials, Farillio itself is not a law firm. We do not directly provide legal advice ourselves. All resources are available for you to use (according to our terms and conditions), but those resources are not legal advice to you and neither are they a substitute for you taking legal advice from a lawyer.