November Farillio Household Newsletter

November Farillio Household Newsletter

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Wednesday 24 Nov 21


Welcome to November's newsletter covering all the latest from Farillio

  • New content: A range of new workflow tools (our Objectives) launched this month. Request flexible working, create a winning CV, file a grievance with your employer – all activities we are seeing a lot of this Autumn. Our poster-style recycling infographic supports the clamour among householders to ‘know more with certainty’ and better address climate-responsible and sustainable living choices.

  • Community Spotlight: Look out for our digital Advent Countdown, starting across our LinkedIn and Twitter channels on 1st December, showcasing 24 extraordinary small businesses. If you’re stuck for present ideas, keen to make Christmas more sustainable and/or to make purchases that ‘do more good’, follow along – we’ve got the inspiration, guidance and award-winning, affordable gift-solutions you’re looking for, all wrapped up in one handy place.

  • New ebook: “This book is a vital and accessible addition to my founders' business library and I know it will be to yours too.” – Tony Robinson, OBE. Our illustrated eBook, ‘Futureproofing you and your business’ is launching to our community. If you are thinking about running a side-hustle, or you want to become a business owner, see what business leaders and fellow small businesses are saying about why they consider it’s such an invaluable resource for anyone starting their own business – and register your interest to receive a copy.

  • Expert corner: Harry and Samantha from The Divorce Surgery talk relationships, emotional support and how it’s possible to exit a marriage, still be friends and raise your family successfully without mental scars.

  • In the News: Any impacts from last month’s budget have been updated across all our relevant finance, legal and commercial materials. This month, we take a look at the reported increase in people starting their own side-hustle business and crucially, how to put a price on what you do.

  • The #GoFarFast Show: Ex-BBC producer and impact coach, Esther Stanhope’s on a mission to ensure you can maximise your personal impact and manage any nerves; from how you show up at job interviews to engineering a promotion or presenting to an audience, watch her short videos and look forward to greater personal impact success.

New Content: new workflow tools on workplace issues and careers

New Content: What’s recyclable – an illustrated poster update for households

New Content: Know someone starting a business – or a side hustle?

In the news: the budget and side hustles

Spotlight: Make great present and entertainment choices this Christmas, helped by our AdventCountdown

Expert corner: Friendly barristers Samantha and Harry talk marital break-ups without the drama

Dear Farillio Expert: Esther Stanhope shows us how to project confidence with winning impact

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