September Farillio Personal Newsletter

September Farillio Personal Newsletter

Monday 26 Sep 22


Welcome to our latest newsletter, bringing lots of new updates and information from Farillio, including:

  • New features: This month brings the release of our new look residential landlord and tenant resources page. We hope you like it!

  • Updated content: This month sees extensive updates to our residential landlord and tenant materials and launches a new self-assessment tool to help you keep on top of the changing legal environment for residential landlords.

  • New content: This month’s new content includes:

    • Family and life-planning matters: Essential guidance on how to handle the sudden mental incapacity of a family member.

    • Motoring: A rather timely, poster-style reminder on what to remember when you’re driving in wet weather conditions.

    • Health and Safety: Protecting your home from common fire hazards is the focus of another new poster-style guide.

    • Residential landlords and tenants: A collection of new templates on common relationship matters, such as handling leaks or floods, damage or alterations to the property, tenant requests to run their business from the property or to sub-let it, rent increases, late payments and expiry/renewal intentions.

  • In the News: This month our top news items are:

    • Careers: CV fraud – Why it’s really not a good idea to lie on your CV!

    • Motoring – Are automatic cars more expensive to drive than manuals? And are our older cars making driving on our roads more dangerous?

    • Scams and online safety – Facebook and Instagram were blamed earlier this year for a huge surge in online money scams. Can a new consumer helpline help us to stay money safe in the face of so much targeting?

    • Mortgages – Unveiled and launched last month, are the new 50-year mortgages the solution to making it possible for more people to afford to buy a home?

    • Expert corner – Fay Wallis is September’s expert of choice. Fay works with organisations and individual employees to support them with HR, career development advice and finding the ideal job path. You’ll find her suite of practical, supportive careers advice in your Farillio account.

New Features:

New Content: Mental incapacity and family members

New Content: Driving in wet weather conditions – the essentials

New Content: Fire in the home – how to protect yourself

New Content: New material for residential landlords

In the news:

Expert Corner: Meet Fay Wallis from Bright Sky Career Coaching

That's All!

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