Small business advice from our business experts

It’s not just that they all have excellent track record in doing what they do. We hand-picked them carefully, checking that they share our values and our obsession with making business easier for small businesses …oh, and of course, we only wanted to work with nice people!

“Farillio’s brilliant at seeing law through the eyes of a small business owner. They highlight only what’s relevant and important and cut out all the dusty old legal waffle that’s often associated with law.”

Kim Arnold

The Wilkes Partnership


Friendly, knowledgeable experts in small business law since 1933

Stobbs IP


Plain-talking IP expertise, dynamically delivered

EIP Europe


Guardians of your business innovations and patents

3D Regulatory


Handling and helping with regulation for small businesses

Redbourne Wealth Management

Financial Advisers

Providing clear, innovative financial advice and planning

Stanley Davis Group Limited

Formations and CoSec Services

Brilliant solutions for company formations and specialists in keeping company paperwork super easy

“It’s the blend of ease of use, flexibility in the system and availability of expert help when you need it that is most exciting for me as a business owner.”

Yiuwin Tsang

Founder, Disruptive Thinking



Experts on money, scams, funding and financing options for small businesses



A new, flexible breed of insurance provider for digital small businesses



Your office in a box – full to the brim of digital accountancy and many other SME anxiety-saving solutions

“The legal sector can be full of complicated jargon that only lawyers can understand – Farillio simplifies this and brings power back to those that genuinely need to know what it means for their business.”

Peter Harris

Operations Lead, Propel by Deloitte

Heptagon HR


Helping your business to set higher standards in people management and reap greater rewards


Social selling

Content-marketing heroes with the tools for social-selling success

Kim Arnold


Making wishy-washy marketing and so-so sales a thing of the past

"Farillio is the legal partner that makes my business as professional and strong as the biggest name in the high street.“

Peter Ibbetson

Director and Founder, Journolink

Antonia Taylor PR


Top-notch storyteller making your brand prominent and relatable



Expertly mediating small business disputes to avoid big, costly legal actions

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While we can connect you with some very fine advisers in the UK, and we collaborate with them to provide you with great materials, Farillio itself is not a law firm. We do not directly provide legal advice ourselves. All resources are available for you to use (according to our terms and conditions), but those resources are not legal advice to you and neither are they a substitute for you taking legal advice from a lawyer.

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