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Collaborations and joint ventures

Owner and Business:

Owen and Abigail, fitness coaching and nutrition products


  • Collaborate to direct customers to each other but keep their businesses separate

Key need:

  • Guidance on how an MVP collaboration could work
  • Options for testing this
  • A document or framework supporting this

How Farillio helped:

  • Owen and Abigail used Farillio’s collaboration agreement template and took advice from one of our expert partners
  • They used Farillio’s social media and marketing materials to devise an effective route to market and promote their collaboration to win new business for them both
Collaborations and joint ventures

In short, thoroughly impressed! Love the sheer simplicity of the site, the apparent depth/breadth of content and the non-scary presentation. With any new service, one question is how quickly will I ‘get’ how to use it? In this case, the answer is (pleasingly)… immediate, couldn’t be simpler.

Mark Schreiber

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