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Getting your business legally smart isn’t just an important part of success – it’s crucial. And we think you should have those smarts without worrying about how much it costs...

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  • Easily get knowledge when you need it, served up fast in plain English

  • Effortlessly create and manage your business’ legal documents

  • Quickly access experts who can answer your legal questions on a pay-as-you-go basis

  • Feel empowered, confident, bold, connected, creative, prepared, and more... (we call them Farillio Feelings) :)

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Quickly get your questions answered

Need advice tailored to your business? Our expert partners give you rapid, one-to-one advice on a pay-as-you-go basis from just £65 per enquiry

....and that's a whole lot more value for a lot less than you'd typically pay a good lawyer!

Easily manage your legal documents

Create, share, edit, sign, duplicate and store your legal documents with confidence in a collaborative, secure document template editor

...perfect for your contracts, Ts & Cs, policies, shareholder agreements, job descriptions, and much, much more!

Legally run the business you want

Browse our jam-packed library of easy-read guides that you can use to get straightforward, jargon-free actionable guidance

...and you’ll also find informative video soundbites, tutorials, checklists, infographics and more to empower you to go far in business.

“Farillio’s brilliant at seeing law through the eyes of a small business owner. They highlight only what’s relevant and important and cut out all the dusty old legal waffle that’s often associated with law.”

Kim Arnold

“Farillio brings power back to those that genuinely need to understand what legal terms mean for their business. The legal sector can be full of complicated jargon that only lawyers can understand – Farillio simplifies this”

Peter Ibbetson, Director and Founder, Journolink

“Farillio fills a gap that has been crying out for attention for a long time… A modern platform for a digital age at a cost that will literally be game-changing for businesses everywhere.”

Ash Phillips, Founder & Director, Yena Global

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