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DATED date

Your business name (1)


Individual Consultant’s Name (2)

Contract for Services: Individual Consultant, Freelancer (Sole trader)


It is made between us,

  1. Your business name (a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number INSERT COMPANY NUMBER whose registered office is at INSERT ADDRESS (called ‘the Customer’ in this agreement, and also referred to as ‘We’, ‘Us’ and/or ‘Our’).

  2. INDIVIDUAL’S NAME of INSERT ADDRESS (called ‘the Consultant’ in this agreement and also referred to as ‘You’ or ‘Your’).

Within this agreement, we agree that:

  1. You, the Consultant, provide services such as broadly describe the relevant services, referred to throughout this agreement as the Services (which are defined more fully in Annex 2 below).

  2. We, as your Customer, have agreed to buy and you have agreed to provide the Services on the terms of this agreement.

General points agreed

Start date, end date

You will start to provide us with the Services on date 2018. Our agreement will end .

This agreement will take effect on the day that it is signed by both of us.

Consultancy personnel

We both agree that the services will be carried out by you and that any change of personnel you may propose is subject to clause 5 below.

Fee rate

A daily fee rate of £ amount exclusive of VAT is agreed, on the understanding that a day is the equivalent of 8 working hours.

Days that are unworked during the period of our agreement, for whatever reason, will not incur a fee.

You will provide us with invoices on a monthly basis. We agree to pay those invoices by bank transfer within 10 working days of receipt.

Time frame

You will work the days that we both agree .

Location for services to be provided

You will perform the Services principally at address or as otherwise agreed between us in writing.


To the extent that you plan to incur expenses, they must be approved in writing and in advance by us. We will reimburse approved expenses within a reasonable time frame, with the aim of doing so within 7 working days.

Notice & notice period

This agreement may be terminated by either of us on specify time period notice. Whichever of us serves the other with that notice, we agree to do so in writing.

We also agree:

The terms agreed here (including the Additional Terms and Conditions at Annex 1 and all other attached Annexes), set out the basis on which these agreed terms will operate.

Definitions and Interpretations

If any word, phrase or explanation used within this agreement is not clear, it will be defined and interpreted according to the definitions and interpretations set out in these Additional Terms and Conditions at Annex 1.


This agreement will start on date and will continue (subject to the provisions of Annex 1, paragraph 4 (Termination)) until , without the need for notice, unless terminated earlier by either of us giving the other not less than specify time period, same as that in clause 1.10 notice in writing.

On the Termination Date and, with effect from that date, this agreement will cease to have any effect, except in relation to:

  1. clause 8 (no employment or agency)

  2. clause 9 (indemnities, liabilities and insurance)

  3. clause 11 (confidential information)

  4. clause 12 (intellectual property) and

  5. annex 1 paragraph 2 (assignment and representation).

Neither you nor we will be under any obligation to work with each other after the Termination Date.

The Services

Contract for services: individual consultant, freelancer (sole trader)

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