Agenda for board meetings

What’s an agenda for board meetings and when do you need one?

This is a simple template agenda for board meetings. There is no particular magic to these agendas. This one contains what you’d expect a good agenda to set out.

It should be circulated in advance of the board meeting and relevant materials that the attendees are expected to have read beforehand and/or which will support the discussions during the meeting itself should be attached.

How often should you hold board meetings?

There’s no hard and fast rule, but since this is the management team for your company, you should be taking stock reasonably regularly, so that you can review the impact of your activities, the financial health of your business, the return on investment of your spending and whether your business plan is on track or needs further brainstorming.

You may also hold board meetings for other reasons, for example, managing decision making when facing extraordinary events.

Do you have to attend in person?

No. You can attend by telephone/equivalent video or audio connection.

You should ensure that there is a quorum (minimum number of directors’ present), for the board to take any decisions in relation to the business. Your company’s articles of association will contain your business’s position on quorum.

They should also cover what happens where there is a deadlock between the directors on a matter that the board must decide. Usually, a CEO or, if there is one, the chairman, will have a casting vote.