Apprenticeship agreement

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What’s an apprentice agreement and when do you need it?

This agreement is suitable for circumstances where you intend to take on an apprentice as an employee under the statutory regime (set out in the Apprenticeships Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009).

This legislation covers a statutory form of apprenticeship, which allows employers to retain more control over the termination of the relationship as they would in relation to a normal employee.

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a specific job with study obligations. They do this by giving apprentices the opportunity to work side by side with experienced staff, with a view to gaining experience and job-specific skills.

Their tasks tend to be more learning-based, focused around the trade and will likely require the need for supervision. This is in contrast to the typical responsibilities that a normal employee job description may generally include.

Meanwhile, apprentices are studying for qualifications relevant to their role and businesses that employ apprentices must permit them to attend their courses and even take study leave.

Apprentices taken on under this legal regime are entitled to the same rights as employees.