Board minutes (general)

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What are board minutes (general) and when do you need them?

These are standard board minutes and they can be adapted for most company situations. You can adapt, delete and add to their contents as appropriate to your particular circumstances.

We do also have a specific template board minute for the change of a company's registered office and a template for the very first board meeting for a limited company.

Board minutes are important because they record the discussions and decisions taken by your company's day-to-day management team. They should be checked and agreed for accuracy before being finalised, and it is always good practice to create them contemporaneously, while their content is still fresh in mind.

Unless your articles of association or shareholders agreement specify how often board meetings should take place, you can decide this for yourself. You also don't need everyone to be physically present to have a meeting ? you can usually be present by telephone (unless your articles state otherwise). It is good practice to hold board meetings regularly, however; somewhere between every 6?8 weeks is a good rule of thumb. (There are no formal legal rules about how frequently you should do it.)