Board minutes to set up a limited company (and issue first shares)

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What are board minutes to set up a limited company (and issue first shares), and when do you need them?

These board minutes are specifically designed for the first ever board meeting of a brand new private limited company. We do have a standard board minutes template and one tailored to a change of registered office address.

If you are a sole director for a new company, you should use our first ever sole director resolution template instead of these minutes.

(If you have more than one director (i.e. a board), they take decisions in meetings and their decisions will be recorded in board minutes like these ones. If you have a sole director, they will not have a meeting but will instead just set out their decisions in a sole director written resolution, with no minutes needed.)

Even if you're sole director, you should still keep records of your decisions ('sole director resolutions').

Happily, provided your articles of association allow you to take decisions as a sole director, there is no need to have a meeting and you can bypass the need to sit alone in a room on your own and talk at an empty chair opposite you. All you need do is produce a written record that sets out of the items to be considered by you and then a resolution for what you decided.

We have standard template sole director board minutes that you can use if you're a sole director.