Board resolution (general): sole director

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What's a board resolution (general): sole director, and when do you need it?

This written resolution should be used where there is a sole director in a company.

If there is more than one director appointed, then decisions should be made by the board in a board meeting and you should use our standard board minutes template instead.

If you're looking for the first ever resolution of a sole director, at the point of setting up a private limited company, you can use our template first ever resolution of a sole director.

Even if you're sole director, you should still keep records of your decisions (?sole director resolutions?). Happily, provided your articles of association allow you to take decisions as a sole director, there is actually no need for you to have a meeting; so, you can bypass the need to sit alone in a room on your own and talk at an empty chair opposite you. All you need do is produce a written record that sets out of the items to be considered by you and then a resolution for what you decided.

A copy of this resolution (like all director resolutions of your business), must be filed in your company?s minute book, which is essentially a folder where you keep copies of all your board minutes. You can store this digitally.