Casual worker contract

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What’s a casual worker contract and when do you need one?

This is a contract for the engagement of a casual worker, such as workers whom you might engage to help manage the fluctuating needs of your business. For example, during a seasonal sales period or with particular (typically non-specialist) tasks and projects.

It is not an employment contract and it does not create a relationship between you and the worker or employer and employee. However, it does give the worker certain rights, some of which are similar to the rights enjoyed by employees, such as the rights to paid holiday and statutory sick pay, some benefits and working time limit protections.

This contract covers all the necessary detail relating to these rights and requirements so that both parties are clear on how the relationship will work.

A casual worker contract does not give the worker the certainty of allocated work and stability of income that an employee enjoys.

If you want to provide greater certainty over the work that will be allocated to the worker, you should consider as an alternative, our fixed-term worker contract. Such contracts are more suitable for a paid holiday period placement and/or a finite project-based role.