Computers phones and other devices policy

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What’s a computers phones and other devices policy and when do you need one?

Your computers, phones and other devices policy explains your businesses approach to the use of such devices by those who work for or with you.

Amongst other things, this policy covers: - the use of computers, including equipment security and protecting data - the use of emails and the internet and the monitoring of these by your business - the use of telephones, including the taking of private calls during work hours, and - the use of mobile phones provided by your business and the return of such devices at the conclusion of an employee’s contract.

It’s advisable to have one of these policies in place for all those who you authorise to use your devices, or their own devices, in the course of carrying out their contractual duties for you.

Our experts recommend that you do not give it contractual status in any employment contract that you put in place, but that you do reference it in that contract, make clear that the employee is expected to comply with the policy and that you have the right to update or revise it, in your discretion and when you want to.

However, this policy does include a signature block at the end of it and it is recommended by our expert partner that you ask your employees to sign this particular policy.

This is to ensure you have the contractual right to make the salary deductions that are described at intervals within the policy.

Without the employee’s signature on this document, you may not have this contractual right to recover money owed to you by the employee.

This template includes all the statutory requirements, as well as optional elements for you to consider.