Contract for services: freelance services (via a consultancy company) Client-friendly contract

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What's a contract for services: services provided via a consultancy company (client-friendly contract), and when do you need it?

This is a straightforward and basic contract for services agreement, suitable for freelancers, contractors and consultants who are contracting out their services via their own limited company. It provides a great basis to agree more detailed regularly provided service provisions if you wish to do so.

For example, you might want to:

• include not just a description of the Services, at Annex 2, but a table setting out a full Scope of works document with a breakdown of individual costings and delivery dates• negotiate more detailed or complex ownership of intellectual property provisions.

If you’re looking to contract services with or as an individual freelancer or consultant, and not through a limited company, you’ll need our separate template contract for services: individual consultant, freelancer (sole trader).

You should also complete our template deed of assignment of intellectual property rights (IPRs), to ensure that the individual identified in this contract for services (i.e. the person whom you both intend will carry out the contracted services) also assigns the IPRs in whatever they individually create during the course of their duties to the customer. (See the doc guide note to clause 12 of this template for more detail about why this is very important.)