Copyright licence

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What's a copyright licence, and when do you need it?

This template is designed for licences of copyright for use in relation to licensed products in the UK. It can be adapted to most product-related arrangements.

Our template covers essential considerations such as whether the licence will be exclusive, whether you'll limit the rights to a particular geographic location and/or if you'll allow your licensee to sub-licence the copyrights to others. It covers the obligation on your licensee to ensure products created and otherwise handled under your copyright meet with your quality standards and comply with all legal requirements, and obligations to only market those products according to your marketing standards. The fee that you charge the licensee for the rights to do all the things you list in the licence agreement is called a royalty, and our template sets out your options in terms of how and when the licensee must pay you, and what happens if they break any of these obligations, as well as who is liable if a product produced under the licence causes damage or injury and how insurance will be managed.