Decision on appeal about a flexible working request

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What’s a decision on appeal about a flexible working request and when do you need it?

This is the final letter in our suite of templates relating to requests by employees for flexible working.

Following the employee’s appeal hearing regarding their flexible working request, you should use this template letter to let your employee know the outcome of their appeal. Whether that is to overturn your earlier decision and grant their request or to uphold your original decision, the letter covers both an ‘appeal acceptance’ scenario and suggested drafting that you can use as a basis for rejecting your employee’s appeal.

You can use the tick and cross select buttons positioned on the two options in this template to add and remove the relevant sections, depending on whether you're accepting or rejecting.

Other letters in this series include:Acknowledgement of flexible working requestEmployer’s decision on flexible working request[Invitation to an appeal hearing about a flexible working request](/templates/invitation-to-an-appeal-hearing-about-a-flexible-working-request/preview

Although there is no statutory right of appeal for employees, it is advisable that you offer the right to employees within your company’s procedures. Farillio’s template flexible working policy provides for a right of appeal, which is an approach most businesses will adopt.

Not only does this help to show employees that you handle requests in a reasonable manner, but it’s also helpful should your decision ever be challenged by a disgruntled employee, before a tribunal.