Decision on appeal (redundancy)

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What’s a decision on appeal (redundancy) and when do you need it?

Use this letter where an employee has appealed your previous decision to make them redundant.

It follows on from the appeal meeting to which you will have invited the employee. They will have been able to discuss their reasons for the appeal at that meeting and you will have heard and subsequently considered what was discussed.

This letter now confirms your final position on the matter. It forms part of our suite of template letters relating to redundancy and it is the final communication provided.

The ACAS Code of Practice recommends that employers inform employees of the outcome of their appeal as soon as possible, in writing.

While there are no formalities regarding the content of this letter, it is advisable that the reasons for the final decision are made clearly and with a reasonable level of detail.

Take care to ensure that you have successfully addressed every ground of appeal that the employee raised in their appeal meeting. The decision you take at this stage is as open to scrutiny as your original decision.