First ever board resolution for a sole director

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What's a first ever board resolution for a sole director, and when do you need it?

This sole director written resolution is specifically designed to record the first ever decisions of a sole director of a newly incorporated private limited company.

If the company has been incorporated with more than one director, then, instead of using this sole director resolution, you should hold a board meeting and record the decisions taken in that using our template board minutes for a first ever board meeting of a company.

Even if you’re sole director, you should still keep records of your decisions (‘sole director resolutions’) and you can use our separate template for all those resolutions that follow after this first ever one.

Happily, provided your articles of association allow you to take decisions as a sole director, there is no need to have a meeting and you can bypass the need to sit alone in a room on your own and talk at an empty chair opposite you. All you need do is produce a written record that sets out of the items to be considered by you and then a resolution for what you decided.

A copy of this resolution (like all director resolutions of your business), must be filed in your company’s minute book, which is essentially a folder where you keep copies of all your board minutes. You can store this digitally.