First letter complaining about services not being supplied

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What’s a first letter complaining about services not being supplied and when do you need it?

This is the first letter in our suite of communications covering the situation where you’re the business customer and services that you've contracted to receive have not in fact been performed.

This is different from the situation where services have been performed but were not of a satisfactory standard.

There are separate template letters for that situation, as well as for where services were performed but they were too late for the purpose you intended.

This template covers sales of services between two businesses. It is not appropriate for use by a consumer who wishes to complain about goods that it has bought from a business.

The starting point for working out your rights when things like this happen is to look at the contract terms, or terms and conditions in place between you and your supplier.

These should normally set out the supplier’s obligations to you when it comes to the non-performance of services that you’ve contracted to buy.

If the contract is silent on this, then the law may imply terms into it. Typically, that will mean that the services are completed within a reasonable time.

Usually, unless an unforeseeable event has occurred that was reasonably beyond the control of the parties (particularly the supplier), the non-performance of contracted services will be a fundamental breach of the contract.