First letter complaining about services supplied by another business

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What's a first letter complaining about services supplied by another business, and when do you need it?

You should use this letter at the start of any correspondence with a supplier who has provided your business with services that you consider to be sub-standard and that do not meet your reasonable expectations. However, If you’d prefer, at this stage, for the services to be re-provided, rather than refunded, you might prefer to handle the situation a bit more informally at this stage, and simply call or email the supplier to request this.

(If your complaint is about the supply of goods, you should use our first letter complaining about goods supplied by another business. And if you are the supplier of the services being complained of, you should use our response template series, starting with the first reply to a complaint about services you've supplied.)

Our template covers the provision of services between two businesses. It is not appropriate for use by a consumer who wishes to complain about services that it has bought from a business.

The UK’s Supply of Goods and Services Act requires that services must be provided with ‘reasonable care and skill’. This essentially means that the person must be reasonably competent when judged against the standard of other professionals or qualified experts or tradespeople. Beyond that, the law deliberately doesn’t get too specific. This is often more a question of fact than law.