First response addressing a complaint that you’ve not supplied agreed services

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What’s a first response addressing a complaint that you’ve not supplied agreed services and when do you need one?

This is the first response letter in our suite of correspondence templates covering the situation where your business customer has complained that they have not received services that they engaged you to provide.

The template provides a number of different drafting options, to explain the reasons why the services have not been performed to date:

  • due to unforeseen events/events outside of your control
  • the services will be performed shortly
  • an alternative reason or an admission of fault/an apology

Please see the note of caution within the template regarding how you approach any admission of wrongdoing or acceptance of liability regarding the performance of the services. You may be handing your customer the right to claim reasonable compensation from you.

There are separate template letters covering the situation where you are the complaining business customer.

We also have template suites to cover both the customer and supplier’s perspectives where goods are received but they are defective, damaged or not what the customer wanted, or where the supply of services was not up to scratch.

NB: This template covers sales of services between two businesses. It is not appropriate for a response to a consumer who wishes to complain about services that it has bought from your business.