Health and safety policy

What’s a health and safety policy and when do you need one?

All businesses should have a health and safety policy in place. If you have more than 5 employees, you’re legally obliged to write it down and make it easily accessible.

Although this policy is not part of your contract – you're still obliged to comply with it and update it when you consider fit.

As per the drafting of this template, your business undertakes to review and revise your health and safety policy at regular intervals. This policy statement should really be signed by the director of your business to demonstrate their commitment to it.

The date of signature then forms the annual review date of the policy.

The policy also shows that you take the welfare of your staff very seriously, and it plays an important role in setting the benchmark for health and safety expectations for all employees. From consulting with employees on matters of their health and safety and providing the necessary information, instruction and supervision, to ensuring all employees are competent to do their tasks and provided with adequate training in order to maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

Our expert partners recommend that you maintain this drafting to cover your position and to provide you with the right guidance as you grow.

It’s important that your employees read and understand the content of this policy and any questions they have can be answered by their line manager or the party responsible.