Health and safety self-audit

What’s a health and safety audit and when do you need it?

All businesses should have a health and safety audit in place. It allows you to self-assess your health and safety procedures and easily identify any gaps.

While some businesses will need to worry about health and safety more than others, failure to comply with, or effectively manage health and safety concerns may lead to an inability to meet your businesses objectives in the short, medium or long term.

You should revisit your health and safety compliance at least every 6 months and anytime that you review your business plan and/or observe any changes, for example, to staff numbers or business activities that may have affected how your business operates now, since your last review.

Following this, and if you need to, you may then decide to work alongside an expert in order to cover any areas you have identified as requiring more attention. Either for immediate protection right now or for keeping an eye on and addressing as your business grows and changes.