Health and safety training policy

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What’s a health and safety training policy and when do you need it?

All businesses should aim - at all times - to reasonably ensure a safe and healthy work environment for both their workforce and visitors alike.

And in order to meet these obligations, employers must provide adequate training and/or instruction on workplace health and safety. This policy sets out how you intend to implement your approach to health and safety, as well as the role of your employees and other workers in ensuring your efforts are properly maintained.

While this is a health and safety training policy, all businesses should have a health and safety policy in place as well. And if you have more than 5 employees, you’re legally obliged to write it down and make it easily accessible.

However, whether you have 5 employees or only 1, you should have one of these health and safety training policies in place for your employees and all those whom you engage to work in or with your business.

You do not need to give it contractual status in any employment (or equivalent engagement) contract that you put in place, but you should ideally reference it in that contract, make clear that the employee is expected to comply with the policy and that you have the right to update or revise it in your discretion and when you want to.

Although some aspects of this training policy might not seem that immediately relevant to your business, if, for example, you are today a sole director with no employees and therefore no managers (yet) this policy will need to grow with your business. And rather than having to keep updating it, our expert partners recommend that you maintain this drafting to cover your position and to provide you with the right guidance as you grow.