Invitation to an appeal hearing about a flexible working request

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What’s an invitation to an appeal hearing about a flexible working request and when do you need it?

You’ll need this template where you’ve already told your employee the decision on their flexible working request and they’ve appealed it – which they are entitled to do.

This is the third in our suite of letters covering requests by your employees for flexible working.

Other letters in this series include:Acknowledgement of flexible working requestEmployer’s decision on flexible working requestDecision on appeal about a flexible working request

Use this letter to inform your employee that you are prepared to hear their appeal and, of course, consider it.

While there is no statutory right for employees to appeal a decision, it is advisable that you give them that right within your company procedures. These will usually be found in your employee handbook and your flexible working policy.

By providing the right of appeal for employees, it helps to show that you handle requests such as these in a reasonable manner. Not only is this reassuring to staff, but it’s also helpful should you ever be challenged about your decision by a disgruntled employee during a tribunal.

Most businesses will adopt this approach, and Farillio’s template flexible working policy provides for a right of appeal.

If you haven’t already, you should have a flexible working policy in place for your employees.