Invitation to elect employee representatives

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What’s an invitation to elect employee representatives and when do you need it?

You will only need this letter if you’re making 20 or more employees redundant (called a ‘collective redundancy' situation).

Elected staff representatives will represent all of your affected employees in the redundancy consultation. The role of these representatives is to help you to inform and consult with staff about what this redundancy process means for them and for you.

Such representatives have the right to reasonable paid time off in order to carry out the duties of their representative role. However, they are not entitled to any extra pay or benefits.

The letter forms part of our suite of redundancy templates. To find out more on where it fits within the overall time sequence of steps in a redundancy process, take a look at our guide on how to manage a redundancy process, step by step.

Alongside this letter, you should also provide employees with your agreed format for a nomination notice. There are certain legal requirements for the format of this notice. You’ll find a copy of it annexed to this invitation letter.

There's also a separate template version of this nomination notice so that you can make it generally available to your employees for them to elect their preferred representatives if they want to do so (they’re not obliged to).

We strongly recommend taking expert advice right from the moment that the departure of one or more of your employees is under consideration. What you do right at the start may well dictate what you can legally do next and how much flexibility you have to achieve your preferred outcome.