Invitation to employee to attend the first formal discussion about their performance

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What’s an invitation to an employee to attend the first formal discussion about their performance and when do you need it?

This is the first letter in your formal performance improvement proceedings. It forms part of our suite of performance improvement letters.

If your concerns about an employee’s performance are relatively minor, it may be more effective to deal with them informally in the first instance. You may be able to resolve matters there and then, without having to resort to your formal disciplinary procedure.

Once you have held the meeting with the employee, you’ll follow this up, if you need to, with a first performance improvement warning notice, in letter format. This formalises what you agreed in the meeting and makes clear what are the employee’s actions, targets and time frames to achieve the desired level of improvement.

You should only use this suite of materials in relation to employees.

If you were to apply your performance improvement proceedings, to someone who is not an employee, or to treat them in an equivalent manner, this could lead inadvertently to an employment tribunal concluding that that individual does in fact have employment status – including the enhanced rights attaching to such status.

It would be better to seek specific advice on how to handle anyone whose behaviour is a problem, but who is not an employee.