Job Candidate Privacy Notice

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What's a Job candidate privacy notice, and when do you need it?

This is a privacy notice aimed at those who apply for jobs or other roles and it is compliant with the UK data protection laws (the General Data Protection Regulation – the ‘GDPR’) in force from 25 May 2018.

Not all parts of the notice will be applicable to all businesses and our experts recommend that you take legal advice in relation to this and your wider data controlling activities within your business.

This notice informs candidates about how you collect, handle, store and potentially also share, their personal data, as well as the rights that they have in relation to your activities, under the UK’s data protection law. Privacy notices can be referred to as lots of different things, including a ‘fair processing notice’. The GDPR has a specific list of the information that must be given to individuals relating to the processing of their personal data.

You should have a longer Employee, Contractor and Workers Privacy Notice in place for those who actually work for you (including those candidates which are successful). This may include some of the same information as is included in this notice, but you will hold and process much more personal data about employees, contractors and workers than you do about job candidates.

Your Job Candidate Privacy Notice should be separate to your external privacy notices (i.e. for customers, suppliers and anyone else you deal with). If you want a privacy notice for your web-site, then you should use our Web-site Privacy Notice template. If you need a general privacy notice then you can use our General Privacy Notice template for these purposes.