Letter confirming decision on employee grievance

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What’s a letter confirming decision on an employee grievance and when do you need it?

You will need this letter where an employee has raised a grievance with you, you have discussed the employee’s concerns and the reasons for them at a meeting and you have now reached a decision on what, if anything, you intend to do about it.

Use this letter to inform the employee, in writing, about your decision. Your decision should be carefully considered, and you may also account for the contributory factors to your decision within this letter if you wish to do so.

This letter forms part of our suite of letters for employers to use where an employee raises a complaint, typically either about the running of the business, it’s management, a fellow employee’s conduct, or the conditions of the employee’s working environment.

Other letters in this suite include:

Letter inviting employee to meeting about their grievance

Letter inviting employee to a grievance appeal hearing

Letter confirming your decision about an employee grievance after appeal

Make sure you distinguish an employee grievance from whistleblowing by an employee, since there may be additional or alternative obligations imposed on you, as an employer, in relation to how you handle these types of complaint.