Letter confirming no further steps after disciplinary hearing

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What’s a letter confirming no further steps after disciplinary hearing and when do you need it?

This letter forms part of our suite of materials to support you where you have invoked your disciplinary policy and its process due to allegations of inappropriate conduct by one of your employees.

This letter confirms that following earlier steps taken in your process, and according to your disciplinary policy, you have decided to not take any further action. This means your disciplinary process relating to these allegations is now concluded.

Be clear about your conclusions and the reasons underpinning them. Even though your conclusion is that no further action will be taken, the decision is potentially still open to scrutiny, and employees will sometimes challenge having been taken through a disciplinary process at all.

You should only use this suite of materials in relation to employees.

If you were to apply your disciplinary proceedings, to someone who is not an employee, or to treat them in an equivalent manner, this could lead inadvertently to an employment tribunal concluding that that individual does, in fact, have employment status – with the enhanced rights attaching to such status.

It would be better to seek specific advice on how to handle anyone whose behaviour is a problem, but who is not an employee.