Letter confirming no further steps following a performance improvement hearing

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What’s a letter confirming no further steps following a performance improvement hearing and when do you need it?

This letter forms part of our suite of materials to support you where you have invoked your performance improvement policy and its process due to concerns about the standards of performance at work by one of your employees.

This letter confirms to your employee that following earlier steps taken in your process, and according to your performance improvement policy, you have decided to not take any further steps in this matter.

This means that your performance improvement process - related to these concerns - is now concluded. However, the fact that you have concluded this, does not mean that you are unable to restart the process if the employee’s performance deteriorates to a level that becomes unsatisfactory again.

It’s a good idea to have a quick chat with an expert if you do find that you need to pick up this performance process again in the near future. They’ll be able to talk through the practical and legal options, including whether you should start a new process, going through all the same steps as before, or pick up from this point onwards...

Do not use this letter or apply your performance improvement process to anyone who is not your employee – as your action could lead inadvertently to an employment tribunal concluding that that individual does in fact have employment status – including the enhanced rights attaching to such status.

It would be better to seek specific advice on how to handle anyone whose behaviour is a problem, but who is not an employee.