Letter inviting volunteers for redundancy

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What’s a letter inviting volunteers for redundancy and when do you need it?

Use this template letter if you've identified a need to make staff redundant and you have already circulated the warning letter to your employees that this situation has arisen and you’ve also sent the provisional selection and consultation letter to those who have been identified as affected by this process.

This letter sets out your invitation to affected employees to consider putting themselves forward for consideration.

Although you’re not legally obliged to offer employees the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy, providing it can bring costs - and time-savings for employers.

Even though you’re inviting staff to voluntarily apply for redundancy, on the terms set out within this template letter, your business is under no obligation to accept any particular application, or all applications for that matter. You may refuse an application if there are more applications than the proposed number of redundancies, or if you consider that it is in your business’s interests to retain certain employees.