Letter notifying employee of a grievance raised against them

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What’s a letter notifying employee of a grievance raised against them and when do you need it?

Use this letter if another employee has raised a grievance (complaint) with you and it concerns, in part or whole, the conduct of another employee.

Telling an employee that a formal complaint has been raised about them is not an easy discussion.

Ideally, you would meet with this employee and explain to them what has happened, and then hand them this letter during the meeting. In it, you must provide the employee with an adequate of what is being complained about and the facts as they have so far been presented to you.

You have a duty to ensure that this process is fair, transparent and that everyone involved fully understands the points made and has a reasonable opportunity to consider and respond to them.

Keep your explanations factual, absent of any emotion or inflammatory language.

Alternately, you may prefer to have an informal discussion with the employee before deciding to issue this letter – since the circumstances might be such that you decide this letter is not needed at all.

It’s a good idea to get a view from an expert when this kind of situation arises.

They can support you in deciding what is the right approach and when to discuss or send informal or informal communications.