Letter placing employee on garden leave following resignation

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What’s a letter placing employee on garden leave following resignation and when do you need one?

You should use this letter when an employee has resigned and you want to put them on garden leave, rather than require them to attend the office and work out their notice period.

This means, amongst other things, that the employee is no longer required to come into work unless expressly requested to do so. Nor are they permitted to contact, communicate or meet with any of your customers, suppliers, employees, officers or representatives, without your express prior permission

The employee will remain on the payroll of your business during this period and be entitled to the same salary and benefits as before they resigned.

Our template contains general wording that's appropriate to garden leave arrangements where an employee resigns.

You should, however, check the exact terms of the employee’s contract with you to ensure that your drafting and intentions here are consistent with your contractual rights – and those of the employee – according to the contract that you both signed.