Video and photo location rights release form

What’s a video and photo location rights release form, and when do you need one?

This form is designed for anyone planning to photograph or film in a location they don't own and want to use that photo/video content for their own purposes.

It’s important to have the location owner’s unambiguous and irrevocable consent to the use of their premises in your recording (including photographs); otherwise, you could find yourself being later challenged by the premises owner and potentially prevented from being able to use your recording as you’d planned. Whatever the location you're filming in – public or not – you'll likely need to get permission from (or at least notify) the relevant body.

A good release form should contain the essential detail about when and for how long access to a specified location may be needed. Usually, agreed wording about insurance cover will also be included in case there's any damage during the photographic/filming activity – and wording covering the level of liability that the producers will accept if damage is caused. This template contains all of the above.

Both parties should sign the release form and date it. Stobbs, our expert partner, advise that it’s a good idea to make several copies of it, including a copy that you should have with you during the period that you're shooting – in case any questions are asked about what the producer is actually entitled to do.