Employer request for employee to return to work after a furlough period

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What's a letter confirming changes to an employment contract and when do you need one?

Use this letter when:

  • You want to bring an employee’s period of furlough to an end
  • You may want to add conditions to how the employee will be working on their return (eg continued remote working, changes in working hours, changes to work location, etc.)

If you're proposing any changes to the employee’s normal conditions of work, including location or start and end times, or number of hours in total to be worked in any week, for example, this constitutes a change to the employee’s contract terms and you should ensure that you get the employee’s written consent to these changed terms – ideally, by asking them to countersign this letter where prompted to do so.

(It wouldn't be appropriate for a situation where changes to employment terms are being made for a number of employees at the same time, particularly if those changes are being made for 20 or more employees. You should take expert advice about the process and wording of communications to staff in those circumstances.)

If the employee is resistant to a change that you’ve discussed, you’ll see that the template also describes what will happen next if the employee refuses to countersign the document.

If the employee is happy with the changes and signs the letter, you should keep this securely with the original employment contract.

If you’d like some help with drafting this letter or you’re not sure about a particular variation of contract that you'd like to put in place, our Speak To An Adviser service is ideally placed to help you.

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