Notice and take-down letter for website/domain name infringement

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What’s a notice and take-down letter for website/domain name infringement and when do you need it?

You’d use this letter in conjunction with our suite of letters, either to a domain name or a website infringer.

This letter is intended directly for the host or facilitator of the infringing domain name or website and not for the infringer itself.

It’s generally recommended that you send this letter to the host/facilitator if you have not received a satisfactory reply from the infringer themselves after your first or second communications them directly, setting out the background to the infringements and giving them as much relevant detail as you can.

Usually, you’d send this notice by email. There is, however, no harm in also sending it via expedited and registered post too, if the contact details are available.

You may get a faster response from the right person at the provider via email, however.

You’ll see that the letter covers all the main areas in which your rights may have been infringed: copyright, trademark and passing-off infringements. It makes clear that you’re giving the provider a deadline within which to disable and/or remove the domain name or website or you will consider taking legal action against the provider.