Patent and know-how licence

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What's a patent and know-how licence, and when do you need it?

This template is designed for patent and know-how licences relating to the supply of products or services in the UK. The template covers patented products, not patented processes.

If you want to licence someone else to use your patented process, please let us know and we will connect you with the right expert partner to help you to create the right licence agreement to cover this.

We always recommend that you take legal advice in handling patents – whether to register, enforce or to licence them. These are high value assets that can be vulnerable if they are not properly handled and protected. You can use this template to get started on licencing your patents and know-how to someone else in a way that enables you to control the way they use them and without any risk to your rights of ownership. Make sure you have an expert sign off on it, though, so you can be certain that it’s fully tailored to the particular patent product or process and type of protection that you need to have in place.