Register of persons with significant control (PSCs)

What’s a register of persons with significant control and when do you need one?

Persons of significant control (PSCs) – like Relevant legal entities (RLEs), enjoy a position of real influence when it comes to the running of your business.

This register is part of our suite of registers, often called the ‘statutory books’, that a limited company must have in place.

Other registers within this suite include:

  • Register of debentures
  • Register of directors
  • Register of directors' interests
  • Register of directors' residential address
  • Register of members and share ledger
  • Register of secretaries
  • Register of Relevant Legal Entities (RLE)
  • Register of mortgages and charges
  • Register of share applications and allotments*Register of transfers

Not all of these will be relevant to your business in its initial stages of setup and development – but many, if not all, of them, will be relevant as your business grows. You will need to have them in place and to keep them up to date.