Second letter complaining your domain name’s been infringed

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What’s a second letter complaining your domain name’s been infringed and when do you need it?

This is the second communication in our suite of templates covering the infringement of your domain name by someone else.

It assumes that you have first sent the earlier letter in this series.

This letter tracks the history and content of what you previously set out in the earlier letter.

It provides you with several drafting options, depending on whether your recipient infringer ignored your earlier letter and has not responded, or whether they responded to say that they do not agree they have committed any infringement of your rights.

Where there has been no response, it notes that the deadline for a response has now passed.

It also explains that you have made contact with other parties who may host or otherwise facilitate the infringing website and domain name, putting them on notice of the infringement and requiring them to deactivate the site.

You can usually find out who these parties are by checking with a look-up services such as

If you've not already sent this letter, you can access and modify our template notice and take-down letter for each of these relevant third parties [here.

You should send the notice and take-down letter before you send this 2nd complaint letter.